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Leggings Review: Liquido Active

You must have noticed that the news is invariably depressing these days.  Even my facebook feed, once filled with baby pictures and articles touting the benefits of kombucha, is now brimming with posts decrying the current political situation.  People are angry; people are sad; there are more shootings and natural (and unnatural) disasters than ever before, and many people I know are suffering from health problems.  I need a short break – something fun and utterly frivolous.   I have, therefore decided to start reviewing leggings.  Why, Rebekah, why, you may ask (if you care, which you probably don’t), waste your years of education that cost you and your poor parents  so many thousands of dollars?  Can’t you contribute something more worthwhile to the world?  Well, I could answer, every day, I work with students who are plagued with chronic back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, and I think most of them would agree that I have helped them substantially.  Or I could just tell the haters to kiss my legging covered ass, but that would be rude and unladylike.  The short answer is that I just think it would be fun to start reviewing leggings.  I’m not going to write about, for example, putting jade eggs in one’s vajay.  I’ll leave that to Gwyneth.  Leggings, however, I know.  I wear them every day.  I own more than I care to admit.  Buying cool leggings is my vice, I confess.  I don’t have any other real vices.  I am practically perfect. 😉 (That is irony, by the way, for those who don’t know me).  I don’t smoke (mostly), nor do I drink (those who knew me in college, feel free to not chime in – there is probably no proof of anything you might want to say anyway –that was before cell phones and social media).   When I have a cool pair of leggings, I instantly feel sportier and stronger, almost like I already worked out, even if I end up not working out.  And leggings are, for the most part, cheaper than cigarettes and booze, or shoes and bags, and definitely cheaper than jewelry.  So here I go.  Enjoy, or go read something else.

The first brand of leggings that I am going to review are by a brand called Liquido Active, a brand based in Australia, although now they have a US base.  I used to order from the Australian site, but I think that now they have a consolidated site that includes Europe.   Shipping to France is not too expensive either and I usually receive my leggings within a week to ten days after placing an order.  I own a lot of Liquido leggings.  A lot.  One of the reasons is because they have such an amazing choice.  Unlike most other companies, they offer about a dozen new limited edition designs every month.  Be sure to order your favorites while they last.


Liquido is known for their beautiful prints.  They do offer some solid colors, but they offer such a dizzying array of beautiful prints, it is a shame to opt for basic black.  I always receive compliments when I am wearing my Liquidos.  Despite their thin material, they are not at all see-through. Kino MacGregor can often be seen in Liquido and has designed a few styles for them, the Om Stars Collection, which are slightly more expensive than the other styles.


Sizes run from small to large. The fit is fairly true to size, although it does depend on which style you choose.  I am 5’6 (168 cm), and weigh between 57 and 59 kilos (125 to 130 pounds – it depends).  I usually get a medium in the extra long because I favor long leggings.  They also have 7/8 and capri styles.  I have gotten small in the past when they were out of medium and they fit me fine too, except for the compression leggings, which are a bit smaller.  They even have some mini-me styles, so you and your little girl can match.  There are four types of fabric and all of them are exquisitely soft.  They are all breathable, quick drying and offer UVA and UVB protection, with the Freedom fabric being the lightest weight.  They are exceptionally comfortable and do not slip down (I hate to keep pulling my leggings up).  I generally wear my Liquido leggings for Pilates and not for high impact activities such as running, where I prefer more compression.  The UP fabric offers a medium compression, more appropriate for running, but most of the styles are in the other fabrics.


The price is around 58 euros (about 67 dollars).  They have a sales page and often offer up to 40 percent off the sales page during special promotions (Black Friday, Mother’s Day etc.).  They also have a Teachers Appreciation program where they offer a generous discount to yoga and Pilates instructors and other fitness professionals.  Shipping to France costs about 13.5 euros.


I generally wash my leggings in cool water and hang to dry and have had no issues thus far with my many Liquido leggings.  They retain their vibrant color after several washings.

Where to buy

Liquido Active leggings are available at www.liquidoactive.com.  You can also shop their Instagram page.


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